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Cloaking Ads Agency 100% Ads Approval For Any Grey Business

How Cloaking Ads Works?

1. Cloaking Ads is a method used by media buyers to make sure that their restricted business URL and content is not being seen by auditors, ad reviewers and bots from Ad Companies like Social Media & Search Engines. Our Filters send them to a safe content landing page which is as per their policies. While all other end-users (Safe Ads Traffic) is sent to restricted offer page URL after clicking on ad’s link.
2. We do not use any auto URL redirection cloaker for this purpose, as they get caught by Facebook, Tiktok and Search Engines within no time. We use our updated list of Bot IPs and multiple filters software to detect Bots & Ad Reviewers when they come to audit the ad. While filtered users or safe traffic is directed to restricted domain or offer page.
3. We provide end-to-end Cloaking Ad Services, where we take care of your ad account backups, running & scaling ads and boost your sales up. We also take care of Configuration of Cloaking System, Free Backup Ad Account replacements (if it gets suspended) and running your Ads. Our cloaking setup charges are $999 and if you want us to run ads for you, our Ads Management charges are $1,799 per month. Start with us to last longer without any worries of account suspensions...

3 Simple Steps


1. Cloaking Configuration as per Client's Requirements on New URL


2. Getting Ads Approval on any Ads Platform with Cloaked URL


3. Traffic Filtering, Allowed Users to Offer Page, Rest to Safe Page

How Cloaking Ads Agency Helps you to Grow Your Business?

  • Our cloaking ads agency configure cloaking as per your ad platforms and geo area requirements. Get Ads Approval & Start Scaling...
  • AI based red IPs database to filter safe traffic from ad reviewers.
  • System sends bots and ad reviewers to safe page and ad traffic to restricted offer page. Works with every ad platform.
  • Most of our clients are enjoying 400%+ ROI. Our goal is to produce positive ROI within 1st Month.
  • We develop safe cloaked page within 24 hours and next day your ads get approved. 100% Safe & Proven Method.
  • We start slow and develop credibility of ad accounts and focus on scaling ads with higher budgets within days. 24/7 Chat Support.
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Founder's Message

While running my Ad Agency for corporate clients of different niches around the globe, I realised, there is a big percentage of legal and ethical businesses (like Supplements, Crypto etc.) which are suffering from issues like ad disapprovals, account bans and violation of policies by every major marketing platform. We, hence introduced our cloaking ads system couple of years ago which can immediately gets you approval on any kind of restricted ads on any social media, search engine ad platforms. Our ads system and database gets updated frequently to filter the finest traffic for your offer page based on bot IPs, geo location and browser behaviours. Sorry for gambling, spirits and adult projects, we do not work in these niches.


Get Ads Approval on All Major Niches Like


  • Cryptocurrency & Forex Ads
  • Hemp, CBD & Kratom Ads
  • Pills & Weight Loss Products Ads
  • Pharma, Supplements & Diffuser Ads
  • Counterfeit Brands or Replica Ads
  • Government Services, ESTA & eVisa Ads
  • Beauty, Medical & Healthcare Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing Ads & Tracking Template
  • Amazon, Etsy, Clickbank Affiliate Ads
  • Ads for Mentors or Selling Courses etc.


What Our Client’s Say About Us

Our crypto investment ads on Facebook & Google got approved within 2 days. I Recommended Cloaking Ads Agency!


Top10 - Investments

We had ad account restriction issues with pills products. Cloaking Ads did a great job and got us ads approval, keeping us alive.


GetMed Online - USA

I have been working with Umar since 2020. Now he is successfully scaling ads and expanding my CBD launch to more cities.


PuffWow CBD - Canada

Discounted Price Plan

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Consultation Call
  • Requirements Clarification
  • Method Explanation
  • Develop Strategy
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Setup Cloaking System
  • Developing Cloaking Page
  • Free Domain, Hosting & Monthly Cloaking Management
  • Traffic Filters Based on Geo Area, Bot IPs & Browsers
  • Configuring URL Redirection
  • Monthly Subscription
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Ads Management
  • Create Ads & Keep Alive
  • Tracking Conversions & Optimising Ads
  •  Arranging Ad Accounts & Keeping Backup
  • Warming Up New Accounts
  • Testing Ads & Finding Winner Audiences & Ad Creatives
  • Scaling Conversions
  • Monthly Fee
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  • Push Notifications
  • Offline Synchronization
  • SQL Database
  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • 24/7 Support

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