An in-depth look at running ads for weight loss products. How can it be possible to get Ad Approval for Healthcare Products?

An in-depth look at running ads for weight loss products. How can it be possible to get Ad Approval for Healthcare Products?

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A digital marketer told you that he could not advertise your weight loss products on social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok). You believed and now in distress about how to promote your weight loss pills?

Let’s tell you that your digital marketing strategist needs to improve at his job and be made aware of new techniques to run a campaign on different social platforms. Advertisements of banned products, e.g., running Ads for weight loss products, are possible with the help of Cloaking..

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How To Get Approval For Ads For Weight Loss Products & Healthcare Products?

First, let’s know why these products are banned for advertisements. The main reason is false promises, and false claims. No doubt that somehow weight loss pills help to lose weight but promoting the pills as the only way to lose weight is wrong. Moreover, pills are recommended for specific medical conditions to lose weight, e.g., Diabetes, Liver diseases, etc. So advertising these weight loss pills to the concerned individuals is the main point to follow for the advertisement campaign.

All social media platforms (Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube) have mentioned rules about Ads for weight loss products and healthcare products. But the problem arises when your Ad disapproves even after following all policies.

This is a point where you need an expert Cloaker rather than your social media strategist who needs to learn about Cloaking.


Why TikTok Cloaking?

Nobody can deny the power of TikTok advertisements. It is estimated that last year Tiktok users spent 2.3 billion dollars, making TikTok stand in the number one position in consumer spending. Moreover, this consumer spending is increasing day by day.

It is the largest app, with 46 percent of users above age 30 and 18 percent of total internet users above 18 years of age. Such a large number of users has made it the best advertising platform. So, it is necessary to include this in the Ad campaign of any product. Realizing the worth, Tiktok has modified its advertisement policies and recently introduced a format for “shopping Ads.”

But, the problem arises when you want to run a Forex Ad, healthcare Ad, government services Ad, or any branded product Ad that is against TikTok advertisement policy. Here Cloaking comes to rescue you.

Cloaking helps advertise different banned products to the right people, increasing the reach and conveying the brand’s message to those who only want to buy or know about that specific product.


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What Cloakers Do To Get Approval Of Ads For Weight Loss Products And Health Care Pills?

Cloakers are professional individuals knowing more than a social media marketing strategist. They know how to advertise a banned product to the right audience without giving a chance of red alert to the crawlers. They follow a high technology to run your Ad campaign that is Cloaking. The summary about responsibilities of Cloakers is provided below for your understanding.

  • Landing the actual users on a legitimate offer page of weight loss products and creating a whole different page for the bots
  • SEO audit to know the ideal location to throw Ads for weight loss and health care pills
  • Provides Cloaking domain
  • Targeting the right audience by using different techniques
  • Filtered the traffic and escape your content from competitors, bots, and unnecessary clicks to save your budget
  • Use tricky keywords that attract the audience without alarming the bots, for example in case of weight loss pills advertisements, use the word “healthy lifestyle” rather than “reduce obesity.” .

Briefly, A Cloaker is responsible for making your Ad campaign of banned products (Ads for weight loss pills, health pills, Crypto, Forex, and Government services) successful according to your demand and required end results.

Why Hiring Cloaking Agencies to Run Ads for Weight Loss Products

Initially, Cloaking was used only for SEO purposes, so only one person was enough to perform the task, but now Cloaking has become a professional way to run an Ad campaign on different platforms. So a Cloaking Agency is a team of versatile professionals from various fields working together to run your Ad campaign successfully on all platforms.

Many registered Ad agencies are working around the world. All have their way of Cloaking Ads.


What to Look for while Hiring any Cloaking Ad Agency


  • Always hire the one who works on all social media platforms.
  • Choose that one agency which has a professional for every task so they can use every penny of your budget with maximum conversions.

Many Cloaking Ads agencies are working on running banned Ads, like Ads for weight loss products, health-related pills, etc.

But let’s move towards the best CLOAKING agency that is “Cloaking Ads”.

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