How to Avoid Ad Account Suspension And Ad Disapproval?

How to Avoid Ad Account Suspension And Ad Disapproval?

avoid account suspension

Did you ever feel the pain of account suspension or get frustrated after Ad disapproval on any social media platform? If yes, we can relieve your pain and prevent you from this frustrating situation. But moving forward with more details, let’s shed some light on why any Ad account suspension occurs on different social media platforms or why your Ads get disapproved.

All big platforms ( Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok) have millions of users worldwide, and they only want to share a positive experience with their users. People trust such platforms and religiously follow the advertisement on them. That’s why all big platforms have strict rules and regulations to approve promotional content. Any content or product that can annoy their user is banned from these platforms.And this is also a fact that these platforms are the best source for increasing any business sales.

Let’s discuss their policies in detail and ways to avoid their restriction strategy.

Do you run a business of weight loss pills and health pills? Are you a Forex trader or a Crypto broker? To promote your business, you must face strict Facebook, Google, Youtube, TikTok and Instagram policies for advertisement.

The solution to your problem is Cloaking. Are you familiar with Cloaking and looking for the best Cloaking Ads Agency to run your advertisements? You are in the right place. This article will be an excellent source to select the best Cloaking agency in the world within your budget limit. So please read the complete article and thank us later.




avoid ad account suspension

Some Basic policies of All Social Media Platforms

All social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok) have standard basic rules to approve or disapprove any Ad, and these policies are explained below.

  • Controversial products are banned, e.g., weight loss pills, health care pills, medical services, Forex, and Crypto advertisements.
  • Any adult content is not advertisable on these platforms.
  • Any violent content, e.g., weapons, explosions material images, or advertisements, is also not permissible.
  • Ads with prohibited keywords are also in the blocklist on these platforms. For example, weight loss in 30 days is a prohibited keyword. Any Ad campaign making false promises is not allowed on these platforms.
  • Images of any sensational or sexual content are prohibited.
  • The content of your landing page is significant for approval or disapproval of your Ads.

Now the point is if you violate any above rules and try to advertise your Ads going against the policies of these rules, crawlers of these social media platforms will disapprove your Ad. And if you violate the laws repeatedly, it will lead a complete ban on your Ad account.

After Effects of Ad Account Suspension

The rules and regulations of these platforms were relaxed in earlier days, but as time passes, artificial intelligence has helped humans to break the rules and take control quickly. This situation warns the authorities to sharpen their tools for keeping a strict eye on Ads campaigns.

Now the spy system of these social media platforms is on such a level that they can easily detect if you betray them.

  • They only allow new accounts if the user provides correct information.
  • They ban any account performing any suspicious activity.
  • Ad accounts with no activities for a long time are also on the hit list of the bots for restriction.

If bots of the system ban your account, what happens next? Suspended Ad account alerts the spies, and it may

  • Ban your IP address for creating any other new account
  • Ban all your other associated accounts; instead, they are payment accounts or email accounts
  • Block your Ad from appearing on their platform: this will affect your organic reach and the paid one.

What Not To Do After Ad Account Suspension

This is the most vital part of understanding. If your Ads disapprove even after following all their policies and their crawlers ban your account, then,

  • Never get panic and appeal immediately.
  • Always try to find out what change needs in your Ads.
  • Never create the second one because it will result in a complete ban from that specific platform. Instead, try to find the policy violation and correct it next time.
  • Only file one appeal, and wait for their answer. Because filing more than one appeal will ban you permanently from that social media platform.

Still worried because it seems like a lengthy procedure to do? Or worried about what to do if your Ad is still disapproved after rectifying all your mistakes and a continuous violation will ban you permanently?

Cloaking: A way to Get Rid of Ad Account Suspension

Do not worry. We are here to sort out this problem for you. The best answer to all your concerns is Cloaking. Yes, you read it right. Cloaking is the only way to advertise your banned products without fear of blocking.

But this is a very tricky procedure, and you can not do it alone. You must find the best cloaking agency that is well aware of all new techniques to betray artificial intelligence in a very clever way, and that is none other than “Cloaking Ads.”

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Get Rid of Ad Account Suspension With “Cloaking Ads” Experts

Unbelievable? No, this is possible. You can run your banned products campaign without getting panic for complete blocking or Ads disapproval..

Although it is nearly impossible of an Ad account suspension or Ad disapproval with “Cloaking Ads.”In case you still want to know more, we have backup accounts.

Just focus on your business. The rest is our responsibility how to reach the right people at the right time is the prime feature of our Cloaking services.

We offer different packages that include Cloaking accounts and domains, scaling your Ads, keeping your presence on all social media platforms alive, etc.

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