Choosing the Best Ads Cloaker

Choosing the Best Ads Cloaker

Best ads cloaker

The ad policies of social media and search engine companies are becoming stricter every day. It is becoming arduous for digital marketers and businesses relating to controversial niches, such as cryptocurrency and medical supplements, to run online paid ads.

Their restricted URL and content are filtered by auditors, ad tags, ad reviewers, and bots. This blocks their ads account and deactivates the advertisement.

This is where ads cloaking comes in. It allows media buyers, operating in controversial niches, to run social media and search engine ads. This is orchestrated by surpassing these filtering bots by sending them on a safe content landing page.

In this article, we will explore the best ads cloaker in the market. You will learn the facts and details to help you make an informed decision when choosing an ads cloaker agency.

Whether you are a digital marketer or a business, our expert insights will aid you towards the best ads cloaker.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Ads Cloaker

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing an ad cloaking agency. We have outlined the key criteria that will help to evaluate the best ads cloaker.

  1. Accuracy of Cloaking: Primarily, ad cloaking is employed to hide the destination of the ad from ad verification systems. Thus, it is critical to verify that the ads cloaker service is accurate and efficient.
  2. Speed & Reliability of the Service: If your ads are not timely and reliably deployed, you will be at risk of losing potential customers. Therefore, the best ads cloaker will offer cloaking services with minimal downtime.
  3. Level of Customer Support: Best ads cloaker provides efficient customer support with a fast response rate, knowledgeable support staff, and multiple support channels. Ads cloaking is a technical undertaking and requires facile access to customer support.
  4. Platform User Friendliness: Ads cloaking is a complex process and the platform interface can be confusing to navigate and understand. Best ads cloaker agencies have a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use. Furthermore, Ads cloaker agencies also provides cloaking and ads management services. This enables businesses to attain results without diving into cloaking complexities and dynamics.
  5. Account Replacement: Account blocking by ad verification systems is common in ads cloaking. Your ads cloaker must provide backup ad account replacement, in case the existing account is suspended.
  6. Cloaking Method: Ads can be cloaked at the creative level and landing page level. Moreover, both categories uses either static or dynamic cloaking. Choose the cloaking method that best suits your budget and marketing strategy.
  7. Pricing: When choosing the ads cloaker, ensure the agency has fair and transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

By evaluating each of these criteria, you will be able to choose the best ads cloaker for your needs.

Top Ads Cloakers in the Market

With thorough research and analysis, we have outlined the features, pros and cons, and pricing of the best ads cloaker. This will allow us to make an informed decision.


  • Features: CLOAK IT focuses on providing secure and effective cloaking solutions to protect your ads from detection. It employs machine learning algorithms to identify bots and malicious traffic. It can also be integrated with PHP, WebView, iOS, Android, and WordPress for improved usability.
  • Pros: It is a self-contained system since it is hosted in the cloud. In addition, it can be set up in under 2 minutes and does not require expert skills.
  • Cons: This ads cloaker is mainly targeted toward small businesses and does not offer high precision and targetable tools.
  • Pricing: They offer affordable pricing plans, starting at $30 per month, with additional features available in higher-tier plans.
  1. Just Cloak It

  • Features: The agency specializes in cloaking and fraud prevention techniques. It employs sophisticated algorithms to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Pros: Besides redirection on a safe landing page, “Just Cloak It” also allows you to use zero redirects to make the campaigns more secure.
  • Cons: Their service is targeted at high-end customers due to their higher pricing. Nevertheless, they have fewer negative reviews available on the internet.
  • Pricing: “Just Cloak It” offers tiered pricing plans, starting at $399 per month to $1,999 per month.
  1. Adspect

  • Features: Adspect advanced cloaking techniques uses automatic timer-based rotation and JS browser fingerprinting. It provides accurate and reliable cloaking, ensuring that your ads remain undetected by ad verification systems.
  • Pros: It uses VLA machine learning technology and HyperLogLog to avoid malicious traffic. It also provides detailed reporting of the ads.
  • Cons: The interface might be difficult to understand for rookies. It requires considerable knowledge of ads cloaking to use the tools.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $500 per month for basic features, with additional tiers available for more advanced functionalities.
  1. Cloaking Ads

  • Features: Cloaking Ads offers a comprehensive suite of cloaking features for end-to-end service and optimal ad performance. It does not use auto redirection for cloaking. Instead, it uses an advanced and updated list of bot IPs and filtration software to detect ad verification systems.
  • Pros: This agency provides complete end-to-end service including cloaking setup and ads management. It also offers pre-cloaking consultation to digital marketers and businesses. Additionally, the user interface of the application is clean and straightforward.
  • Cons: Pricing plans may be on the higher end, especially for small-scale advertisers.
  • Pricing: Cloaking Ads offers consultation calls at $99, cloaking system set up at $999, and ads management at $1,799.


The valuable insights that we learned will aid you to choose the best ads cloaker. It is vital to consider the criteria and the factors when choosing the best ads cloaker for your marketing spent.

They must have the following features in their tools and services: accuracy of cloaking, speed and reliability, robust customer support, user-friendliness of the platform, and pricing and value for money.

We recommend exploring the features, pros and cons, and pricing of each ads cloaker mentioned in this article. Assess your requirements and budget carefully to make an informed decision. Remember, choosing the right ads cloaker can significantly impact the success of your online advertising campaigns.

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