Black Hat Cloaking

Black Hat Cloaking

black hat Cloaking

Concept Behind Black hat Cloaking 


Do you need help ranking your website on the first page of Google? It is a tough race nowadays because of the number of competitors. Some use proper techniques and tools, but some consider that everything is fair, and such people were the founders of black hat cloaking.

Google algorithms change every day. Initially, no cloaking activities were acceptable, but over time Google showed some flexibility and allowed few techniques against their rules. Those were known as white hat cloaking.

It is a technique to cheat google search engines with such tools and hacks that are not acceptable. Sometimes black hat cloakers are caught by the bots and get banned, but still, people prefer to perform these techniques to rank.

There are different methods to deceive Google crawlers by black cloaking. Let’s explain a few of them.


Hidden Links in Black Hat Cloaking 


Hidden links are very common in black hat cloaking. Cloakers used to hide the links in their content in different ways. One common means is to change the color of the link or the text to the color of the background, due to which links are not readable by the bots. Some other ways are to use zero font size, hide text behind an image, use a period in a minimal size, use CSS and keep the text screen off. These all are very tricky processes that professionals can only do; otherwise, you can be banned by using this trick.


Keyword Stuffing in Google


Google allows a specific limit for keyword usage in a blog. But, the black hat cloaking procedure uses the keywords above the mentioned limit. For example, if you are writing a blog on Cardio exercises and write just like “cardio exercises are very effective. You can maintain health by cardio exercise. We are mentioning some important cardio exercises” This is over usage of a specific word that sounds spammy and illegal. But, hiding such types of texts from crawlers is the hidden trick of black hat cloakers.


Duplicate Content in Google


Google does not support copy-paste content. In the case of full copy-paste content, you can be easily caught by Google scanners and banned from their platform. But black hat cloaking has introduced different tools and rephrasing techniques to copy the content from any other site and publish it on your own.

This trick is to deceive the bots and publish someone’s content on your website with some little changes.


Gateway pages


These pages rank for following all rules and regulations of Google. Follow all terms for uploading content and hence ranked and followed by many users due to appear at the top in search engines. But, these pages contain redirect links and land the users on different pages. This may annoy the user, and they can report the pages. So, targeting the right users is a trick that cloakers can only perform.


Hackers And Black Hat Cloaking


This is the most tricky technique of this cloaking. Cloakers searching for websites and websites without security certificates would be an easy target for them. They can hack such websites and redirect their users to their websites with hidden codes and links. Such techniques spoil the website ranking of the one being hacked.


HTTP Role in Black hat Cloaking


HTTP role in black hat practice is of two types

  • HTTP Referrer
  • HTTP accept

HTTP referrer is a procedure to display specific pages of the websites to the bots. Using this language, cloakers adopt some codes and techniques to hide particular website pages that are against their rules and regulations and only display those pages according to Google law. Bots are deceived in this way, and they approve the website content.

HTTP accepts and displays specific content to the users after matching the language version.


Spam links Cloaking


In this method, links and descriptions with spam information are uploaded—for example, a link with a job posting description to attract the audience. But when the users click on the link, there will be no jobs; instead, there will be other information, e.g., Ads of banned products, Crypto Ads, etc.


A website Saturated With Back Links


Backlinks are essential to rank on Google’s first page. A perfect way for backlinks is to approach your niche website’s admins. But, the shortest path to create backlinks is black hat cloaking. Again Many Cloaking software can make hundreds of backlinks for a website in a few minutes. This is a risky process because Google search engines have evolved with time and can easily detect such suspicious activities.


Black Hat Cloaking: Good or Bad?


There are different legal ways to rank your website. But they require a little effort. You can create good content, backlinks, and followers with hardworking. So, never go for bad ways of cloaking because google will give you a penalty and can ban you for the rest of your life.

But some businesses are banned on Google, but they benefit many people, e.g., Crypto and Forex trading is the earning source for many worldwide. So for the advertisement of such businesses, you can approach cloakers for white hat cloaking.


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