Cloaking Ad Company for Affiliate Marketing

Cloaking Ad Company for Affiliate Marketing

cloaking ads for affiliate marketing

Cloaking for affiliate marketing is the hottest topic in the digital world.

If you are an affiliate market expert, you must be aware of amazon affiliate link cloaking. But if you are new in this field, then how to hide affiliate links must be your prime concern to make your affiliate marketing success. In both scenarios, you need a link cloaking company that can help you get Ad approval for restricted businesses in Amazon by using the cloaking techniques.

So let’s discuss cloaking for affiliate marketing in detail, how cloaking works, and the benefits of cloaking for affiliate marketing.

Problems for For Affiliate Marketers

The most common problems for affiliate marketers are

  • As we know, affiliate marketing is a commission base task in which you recommend a seller’s product, and when a user by it through your link, you get the commission. For this purpose, you have to join your link with the seller’s website link. Combining both links gives a rough and spam-like appearance which could be better for your CTR( increase click-through rate).
  • Affiliate marketer website links and seller’s links give rise to an extended link that is challenging to remember. Moreover, it does not include your domain name means you do not get any recognition or branding.
  • Affiliate links are at high risk from hackers. They can easily hijack your link and add their user name after removing it. In this way, all your struggle to maintain an affiliate website goes in vain, and they can get a commission on your part.

Cloaking for Affiliate marketing: The only solution

The only solution for all mentioning problems is cloaking.

  • Cloaked affiliate links make your links shorter, more attractive, and user-friendly, so users click on them without hesitation and increase your CTR; once you get users trust, your conversion rate increases.
  • Cloaked affiliate links include your domain name in the link, which also helps you promote your website. People start recognizing your name, making you a brand.
  • Cloaking helps you to target your audience. If you are new to affiliate marketing, this is a million-dollar solution for tracking your clicks and audience. It helps to figure out from which pages your user come, and in the future, you advertise your affiliate links only on those pages.
  • Moreover, cloaking helps to hide the user name, which can help you prevent online commission theft from hackers.

How to Hide Affiliate Links by Cloaking

As Amazon is the most famous platform for affiliate marketing, so Amazon affiliate link cloaking is essential to understand for all affiliate marketers. But it would be best if you chose any expert for this task because Amazon considers cloaking bad and can ban your account permanently.

Affiliate links are like shortened links, but the difference is that affiliate links look more attractive and remain the same even after the user clicks on them.

Different codes and programming are part of cloaking for affiliate marketing so that your link looks natural rather than the affiliate link because people hesitate to click on affiliate links.

Example Of Affiliate Links

Your affiliate links without cloaking look very long because they contain the affiliate link and the seller’s link, just like


While the cloaked link looks like


As you can see, the cloaked link is shorter, attractive, and also have your domain name. Cloaked links are more effective and suitable.

Another important notable point is that when the user clicks on the cloaked link, he still sees the cloaked link, not the original one.

Link Cloaking Company For Affiliate Marketing or Banned products Advertisement

Many link cloaking agencies are working to give cloaking services for affiliate marketing.

But, if you are looking for a one-stop shop to buy cloaking services for all social media platforms, you must choose “Cloaking Ads.” We will help you not only in affiliate marketing instead, but we will also help you to get Ad approval for restricted businesses, e.g., Forex trading, Cryptocurrency, Healthcare pills, Weight loss pills, and Government services.

You can read our detailed blogs on cloaking Ads campaigns for banned products on different social media platforms( Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok).

So we are open to the advertisement of any banned but legal product.

Why Choose “Cloaking Ads”?

“Cloaking Ads” stepped into this field after realizing that many legitimate businesses are on the hit list for banning on different social media platforms. So we started cloaking services ten years back and are now open to all companies ( dealing in banned products) and affiliate marketing.

Our experts make your Ads with such efficiency that they can easily bypass the catching eye of scanners and help you to expand while targeting your perfect conversions.

Ready to Expand your Business with Cloaking Ads?

It would help if you had a cloaking for affiliate marketing or cloaking Ad campaigns for products that are not eligible for promotion on social media. We are your ultimate partner to help you out in both situations.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your demands.


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