Cloaking Ads | The Best Cloaker Ads An Industry that no one Talks about

Cloaking Ads | The Best Cloaker Ads An Industry that no one Talks about

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Do you connect cloaking Ads with unethical terms? Do you perceive that cloaking is a lousy technique to rank your website? If yes, then you are among those people who link cloaking with spam. In the digital world, people are afraid of talking about cloaking procedures openly because they think any cloaking-related content can send a wrong signal to the bots, which results in the banning of a product.

But in reality, cloaking campaigns for different products are a blessing for many businesses and users.

This article will discuss why people consider cloaking bad and how we can change the wrong perception about it.

How Cloaking Ads Work in Different Ways

Cloaked Ads increase the sale of products and produce double the amount you spend on the campaign. Different methods are used to perform cloaking, as under

Block Unwanted Users

In this method, cloakers track the IPs, location, and search history and block the unwanted IPs of different users and bots. Google Ips help to show the link only to the specific area people. For example, if you are running a clothing brand Ad for a particular area in a country, then this ad will be shown only to those addresses with IPs of that specific area.

Meta Tags And Keywords Help in SEO

Another way to increase the reach of your cloaking Ad is never to use any strictly banned keywords on social media platforms; instead, use some relatively alternative words and meta tags. This will help to reach your ad in the right place and keep you safe from the bots scanning process.

Cloaking Software

Cloaking software are available in the digital market. But these are expensive. If you have little knowledge of modern technology, then you need the help of an expert to use them. So in such a situation, we recommend you to go with an expert cloaker or hire a cloaking agency.

Word Press Plug Ins

Word press offers many plug-ins for cloaking. You can check our blog section to know the basic steps of cloaking by WordPress plug-in

Why No One Talks About Cloaking Ads?

People Perceive Cloaking campaign  as Deceiving Bots.

Cloaking means creating two different landing pages for users and bots. You need cloaking techniques whenever you use social media for marketing a banned product. Otherwise, bots can not approve them in their authentic form. So as we create two types of content for two different users, it comes in betraying meaning; that’s why most people consider it immoral.

Moreover Google react cloaking links very strictly. That’s why people do not talk about cloaking techniques openly.

Some disadvantages of cloaking are as under

Annoyed the Users

Cloaking links redirect the users from a popular page to a cloaked Ad. Sometimes it annoys the users, and they report your Ad or link, which is a bad user experience in the dictionary of bots that affects the ranking of your Ad or website.

Crawlers Ban Cloaking Account

If you fail to run cloaking advertisement properly, crawlers can scan your content and ban your account. In continuous failure, your account and all other linked accounts can also be banned.

Spoil Brands Reputation

If you use cloaking Ads for a known brand and land the users from a deceiving link to the brand’s page, it will stake the brand’s reputation because the question arises in the user’s mind why such a famous brand needs to use this fake method for clicks.

Fake Cloaking Software

Business owners buy cloaking software for the advertisement of banned products. Many agencies sell fake software to customers worth billions of dollars. Such agencies have badly impacted the cloaking market.

Despite all concerns, cloaking is used in every social media platform because it helps business owners, users, and agencies in many ways. Now Let,s have a look at how these Ads help People.

Increase ROAS

Cloaking campaigns are more targeted at the exact customer, so there is a chance that the user who clicks on the link buys the product. So it will increase ROAS for that business owner.

User Spends more Time: Good For Ranking.

As we know, these ads are SEO based and are primarily visible to the people who showed interest in the past with such Ads, so the users spend more time on our website, which increases the user spending time on the website.

Cloaking Benefits both the user and the Owner

Social media platforms are within every person’s reach. So people find their desired products and shopping stores just because of targeted users by cloaking. Many times people want to buy a product ad but don’t have time to visit the store. So, when Ad comes in front of them, they order immediately. This way, the user gets their product, and the business owner contacts a customer. This benefits both of them.


In short, cloaking has many pros and cons, but its pros are more if done correctly. And what is the right way to perform cloaking? Hire a “Cloaking Ads” agency. We have the best team to run cloaking Ads for your businesses and banned products.

Call us for further details and packages.

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