How to Avoid Google & Facebook Ad Account Suspension in 2023 ? & Get Ad Approval for Restricted

How to Avoid Google & Facebook Ad Account Suspension in 2023 ? & Get Ad Approval for Restricted

How to remove google ad restrictions

There are hundreds of business niches around the world. which are restricted on Google and major Social Media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest. These businesses can aim to promote cryptocurrency and forex ads, health or CBD related products, brand replicas or government services etc.

First of all we need to understand how Facebook or Google Algorithms can catch any policy violation in ads. There are several ways to avoid ad account suspension through reviewers:

  1. Scanning the copy of ad and landing page content
  2. Reading images and videos being used in ad
  3. Ad rejection history of any website URL or Ad Account
  4. Newly created ad accounts and pages
  5. Use of credit card and IP not from the country as of ad account creation
  6. Trying to redirect URL and tamper webpage content after ad approval


How to remove ad restriction on your ads

How Our Cloaking Ads Platform Works?

Because of having high clientage around the world, we have a strong AI based software in our Ad Cloaker which keeps on updating new bots and suspicious IPs of Ad Reviewers and Bots from all major social media and search engine platforms, based on the activities like their location, browser, header information, OS, ISP and some other digital behaviors. So far, we have hundreds of thousands of reviewers database around the world which we collected over last couple of years and it keeps on updating every hour.

Next, our cloaking ad platform creates a success and failure URL. Usually success URL is given by client, on which the filtered clean ad traffic is going to see your offer page. While failure URL is usually created by us and this URL is to be seen by Ad Reviewers & Bots and get you approval based on the clean content on that safe page/failure URL.

How to Avoid Ad Account Suspension ?

There are two major things, we strictly consider that there is no redirection on either success or failure URL as any ad company can detect it easily and can ban you immediately and secondly there should not be any middle page before the offer page as this causes more than 40% drop in your traffic and this method can be easily detectable too.



ip cloaking result

What Our Cloaking Ads Agency Offers?

So, we offer a fool proof Google & Facebook Cloaking Ads Platform which helps you stay alive for months and even for years usually and helps you scale for higher ad budgets in shorter period of time. It works well with almost every major platform like TikTok, Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest etc.

We are a Cloaking Ad Agency which works on cloaking software and creation of new safe URLs on behalf of our clients, where they don’t need to hunt and hire any extra resources for configuration of cloaking platform. We also help you to run and scale your Cloaking Ads with a great team of Ecommerce ROAS Enhancement Experts.

You just need to provide us URL of your offer page and rest everything is on us. We also provide backup ad accounts, creative suggestions, managing and scaling ads as a separate service to cloaking platform.

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