Facebook Cloaking “Best Cloaker For Facebook Ads” – Why Zuckerberg Can’t Stop Our Ads Cloaker!

Facebook Cloaking “Best Cloaker For Facebook Ads” – Why Zuckerberg Can’t Stop Our Ads Cloaker!

Facebook Cloaking Ads Agency

When we talk about promotional campaigns then, we can not skip Facebook. It is a very important platform due to its popularity.

Cloaking Facebook Ads can give you the maximum ROAS. Still, the problem arises when you are not getting desired results by Facebook Ads cloaking campaigns even by pushing up your advertisement budget daily. Then it is time to hire a best Cloaker for Facebook Ads.

The most recommended one is to go with a Facebook cloaking agency with the best cloaking team for Facebook Ads with competitive skills to deal with the strict policies of the platform. We will tell you about a agency but let’s briefly describe how to run Facebook Ads by cloaking so that Facebook bots and scanners approve your Ad within no time.

Facebook Cloaking Method

A straightforward method that most digital marketers use to run Ads (cloaking Ads) by themselves is described in the following steps.

Create A New Account

The first step is to create a new account on Facebook. You must update that account for some time to run Ads by using cloaking techniques. Initially, forming a new account and starting cloaking advertising campaigns was very easy. However, due to the modifications in the Facebook rules, scanners can quickly ban the new account without any activity. The to-do things while creating an account are

  • Always put your correct information, e.g., user name, date of birth, etc.
  • Never post any malicious activity on the account.
  • Update with 5-7 posts daily to keep bots updated that your account is genuine.


Create A Page to Get Views and Clicks

This is the next important step before running cloaking campaigns on Facebook. Engaging maximum audience by creating a page and updating the page with different advertisement posts. This helps you get more clicks and views and sends a green signal that your content is according to the user’s demands and Facebook policies.

Activate your Facebook Ads Manager

The next step is to use your Ads manager to run any advertisement campaign. The tip for you is to link two or more accounts in your Facebook Ads manager. So that if your one account is blocked, you can use the other one.

Filter out Audience and Bots IPs

This is the most crucial step in the Facebook cloaking method to understand. Because if you perform this step accurately, you can run a successful cloaking Facebook Ad campaign. As Facebook scans different advertisement posts on your page and account, it will help you to filter bots IPs which is very important for the cloaking procedure.

Facebook Ads Cloaking

Filtering out the bots IPs, now it is easy for you to betray bots with a fake link. You can set two different links or landing pages for bots and real users. The tip for this step is always to use authentic images, different keywords, and different tags which appeal to the user to click on your link. From that link, bots will send to another page while users are on an actual product page from where they can perform further action.

For example, if you are running weight loss pills Ad, you can set a post on your page with keywords, e.g., “Healthy lifestyle by maintaining your BMI,” instead of losing weight by using weight loss pills. Use images and tags that are a suitable and exact match with your keywords.


Facebook Modified its Scanning technology.

In the earlier days of Facebook, it was very easy to run cloaked Ads. But some people use this for wrong purposes, e.g., pornography, gambling, etc. For this purpose, they used celebrity pictures and keywords, and when users click on the link, it leads them to any malicious website. Many people report these links, especially those celebrities whose pictures were misused. This stake Facebook’s security at risk. So now Facebook policies are more strict. A little mistake at any step from your side can alert the scanners. So the best recommendation to advertise your banned but legitimate products is to go with a Facebook cloaking agency who have a proper setup for cloaking.


Is Facebook Cloaking a violation of Facebook Rules?

Due to Facebook’s rigid policies, many business persons need help advertising their products. So different cloaking agencies initiated the step to cloak legitimate services Ads, e.g., Forex trading, Crypto, Health pills, and Government services. These are controversial products, but somehow they benefit many in the world. So, their advertisement to the targeted audience by cloaking is not a bad idea..

Cloaker Skills Vs. Zuckerberg Scanning Bots

As Facebook has modified its system, Cloakers have adopted new skills and techniques.

They hide their identity and URL within layers of codes. They designed their campaigns by passing many stages so that their final link can easily clear the Scanning process of Facebook scanners.

Now the main concern for which you read this article is that Facebook cloaking agency which we promised to tell at the start. That is none than other “Cloaking Ads.”


Our Specifications

  • We are the only Facebook cloaking agency with more than ten years of experience in the cloaking field.
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Facebook is an international platform that sets its policies according to standard requirements. Some products may be controversial according to Facebook rules, but their advertisement is a blessing for many people, for example, health care pills. So, different cloaking agencies are doing this for such people.

Cloaking Ads” is the best Facebook cloaking agency that has been working in this field for ten years and helping different brand owners and users by cloaking Ads.

Contact us if you are also stuck in advertising your legitimate but banned product. We will resolve it.

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