Can Google Ads Cloaking Help Approval for Restricted Business?

Can Google Ads Cloaking Help Approval for Restricted Business?

can google ads cloaking help approval for restricted business?

Google is the most reliable source of advertisement for your business. It cost-effectively increases brand awareness. Google follows a cost-per-click model, which is very economical and budget friendly for startups and companies with less funding for advertisement. Moreover, as it is used globally, Google increases visibility to a broader audience. Targeted audience features make it the most liked advertising platform by different business owners.

The problem arises for that businesses banned on Google—for example, Crypto, Forex, and Government health services. Google has strict policies for the advertisement of companies, as mentioned earlier. But, when there is a will, there is a way. Cloaking services are the best example of this. Google cloaking is a famous method to get your ads approved.

Let’s discuss how Google cloaking helps to get approval for a restricted business.

There are two types of Google ads cloaking

  • White hat cloaking
  • Black hat cloaking

White Hat Cloaking

It includes using techniques that do not break Google policies. For example, the usage of primary and secondary keywords comes under the white hat cloaking.

Black Hat Cloaking

As the name indicates that black hat cloaking this is a violation of Google policies. But, still, People use it for ranking purposes and ban business advertisements, and links selling and purchasing come under black hat cloaking.

Let’s discuss different methods of Google cloaking that help to approve the banner ads.

Hide Data from Bots IPs

One important method is to hide the data from Google bots ids. Google scanners scan the full Ad before publishing, so the prime method is to hide the data of your ad from them. This will restrict the bots from scanning your content and publishing it.

There are some methods to hide your data from scanners.

  • You can make the color of your text that resembles the background color so that Google scanners can not read your text.
  • You can make two different landing pages. Set a page for bots and others for the audience. The page you have set for the Google scanners should contain data additional from your original website and should be according to policies of Google.
  • Google ads cloaking can also be done by filtering the crawler IDs and including them in the banned list so they can not reach out to your data and publish your Ad.

All these methods are the type of black hat cloaking.

Use Alternate Keywords

Some keywords are not allowed on the Google platform, and you can target your audience with keywords. So, the method to avoid this is to use alternate keywords with the same meaning but different pronunciations. You can also use the main keyword and different alternate keywords in the same content, and this is white hat cloaking.

Redirection Method to Divers Google Scanners

This is a very famous method of cloaking. You can redirect your user from a high-following page link to your page. Moreover, scanners can also be redirected to a different content page to approve your Ad.

SEO and Google Ads Cloaking

Search engine optimization is a potent tool when performing Google ads cloaking. Especially when you are using the redirecting process to target your audience, SEO is the primary technique that helps you avoid unwanted users. Otherwise, your ad goes to the undesired audience, which decreases your watch time. Instead, Google can ban you after customer’s report. So always perform SEO before cloaking to target only those audiences who can give you ROI.

Advantages AND Disadvantages of Google Ads Cloaking

There are many advantages of Google  cloaking. Let’s discuss a few of them

  • It helps business owners dealing in banned products, e.g., Crypto and Forex trading.
  • It helps to get reach your business only from the most like audience.
  • It reduces the cost of advertisement by targeting specific users.
  • It is beneficial for affiliate links to rank and save the commission.


  • Google policies are apparent, and you will be banned from Google Ads policy if you get caught.
  • It can annoy the user and decrease your website ranking.

Disadvantages are possible only if you don’t hire a professional for this work. Hire the experts and reduce the chances of being punished by Google.

How to Find the Best Cloakers

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