Google Ads Approval for Restricted Business Related to CBD or Health Pills

Google Ads Approval for Restricted Business Related to CBD or Health Pills

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Are you a CBD, Hemp or pharmaceutical marketer? Does advertisement of your CBD products and health pills on Google become an obstacle to the growth of your business? We are here to overcome this hurdle for you. Yes, you read it right. “Cloaking Ads” can run an Ad Campaign for CBD products and health pills on Google, TikTok and Facebook, which will expand the marketing for your products.

Google is the main platform with several users worldwide. So any Ad that runs on Google Ads, increases your conversions. Hence, business advertisers from all fields put extra effort and budget to run their product Ads on Google. But Google has very strict policies for CBD Ads and pills-related Ads. Sometimes you follow all their policies religiously, but still, their bots deny the approval for CBD and health pills. This is a very frustrating situation for different CBD and pharmaceutical marketers. But now no need to worry about your Ad campaign. We are here to help you out with this through Google Cloaking Ads.


Why Are CBD And Health Pills Ads Banned On Google?

Why are these ads banned? Google is the most trusted social media platform. People from any corner of the world prefer to search on Google before buying any products. CBD products and health pills contain different plant extracts and chemicals, respectively. These products reduce pain by inhibiting pain receptors. It means they alter the state of your mind for feeling pain. This is a good thing, but the reason to ban these products is that they also have some side effects and act differently on different people.

As Google is more concerned about its reputation, it has mentioned in its policy that any recreational drugs, whether herbal or chemical, that alter the mental state or create disturbance are strictly banned.

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How To Run CBD And Health Pills Ads On Google

Initially, it was a complete ban on such products. But, now Google has revised their policy and allows CBD and health pills ADs with some restrictions. So, you can run the Ad by following their rules and regulations, which are mentioned on Google’s official advertisement policy page.

But, this must be shocking for you that Google bots can ban your Ad even after following all the rules.

Worried about what to do now? No worries. We have a solution for this. Many registered advertising companies are offering Cloaking services to approve Google Ads.

Cloaking Ads” is beyond all of them with market-competitive and 100% reliable services for Cloaking.


What Are Google Cloaking Ads

In the digital world, Cloaking is a sophisticated way to hide the identity of your advertising products from the scanning bots of google. Different strategies, including SEO, Codes, Programming, Etc., are the main steps of Cloaking. Google has a very clever scanning procedure to approve Ads. Experts of Cloaking establish some random legal information page for the Google crawlers, which is different from the information maintained for the target users and audience. This way, Google approves your Ad campaign without recognizing any alert threat, and you can advertise your CBD products and health pills.


Different Strategies “Cloaking Ads” Use For Google Cloaking Ads


SEO Strategy For Cloaking Ads

Search engine optimization is the prime concern in running successful Cloaking Ads on Google.SEO audit report helps to identify the different regions and main problems of people about CBD products and health-related pills. Through SEO, you can analyze which areas you have to target for an impressive Google Ads campaign so that your product advertisement reaches the right people, which can change your lead into your conversions. We have the best SEO experts on our team to go through this process.


Wisely Choose Content For The Landing Page Of Google Cloaking Ads

When dealing with Cloaking Ads for Google, remember that you have to establish two different landing pages. One for the Google bots and the second for the actual users. So, always analyze people’s interests to select the content for your landing page, e.g., some people want to know the details about CBD products and health pills while some already have information and are searching for the right place to buy. So set your landing page according to the audience’s interest. It will increase people’s trust in the brand and enhance your product sale. This is what we are doing to provide you with a Cloaking Ads campaign on google to increase the reach of your products to the right people.


Use Tricky Keywords For Google Bots

Keywords in your content and programming must be vague for the Cloaking Ads on Google. Therefore, never use words that are banned from Google, e.g., drug, CBD, pills, Etc. Instead, use any alternative words. For example, direct usage of “CBD” and “health pills” can alert google bots to deny the Ad.

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Are You All Set To Go With “Cloaking Ads”?

If you think that Google Cloaking Ads is the last option to run your CBD products and health pills-related Ads, then you are in the right place.

CBD products and health-related pills are not harmful, and there is no specific reason to ban their advertisement. The only reason to ban is that their response varies from person to person. In addition, these pills may have some side effects, which is very rare. But, this is also a reality that these pills and CBD products are helping many people to treat their pain issues and other medical problems. Advertising these products through Cloaking is not harmful act, but selecting the targeted audience is the condition.


“Cloaking Ads” maintains all ethical rules and regulations to run Ads on Google through Cloaking. Still thinking of searching for a Cloaking company to run Ads on Google. We assure you that you won’t regret choosing us.


Contact us right now to make “Cloaking Ads” your advertisement partner for Google Cloaking Ads.

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