Importance and benefits of link cloaking

Importance and benefits of link cloaking

importance of link cloaking

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and need help with commission theft, fewer clicks and a targeted audience, then link cloaking is your solution. Many people do not believe in link cloaking because they think it is against the policy, but this is also a reality that the online market is full of bad guys who can steal your commission. Moreover, it has been observed that affiliate marketers who use link cloaking generate more revenue by more clicks, so if you are stepping into affiliate marketing, it is necessary to know the benefits of link cloaking.

 Benefits of Link Cloaking

Let’s discuss some important benefits of link cloaking.

Saves you from Commission Scam

This is the most important benefit of link cloaking. A regular affiliate link is usually not secure, and any scammer can edit it with their name, so when a user buys a product by your link, the commission goes to that scammer and not you. Affiliate links are secure and prevent your commission from being stolen.

Link Cloaking helps you to become a Brand

When you create an affiliate link, it does not have your website or domain name. Link cloaking establishes a link with your domain and the address of the seller landing page. So when users get a reliable product through your affiliate link, they start recognizing and trusting you. This is beneficial for you to expand as a brand.

Link Cloaking Creates Short Links

Usually, affiliate links look very long and tidy, but cloaking links are short and neat.

For example, an affiliate link looks like

The cloaked link looks like http://yourdomain.seller landing page

You Get More Clicks

Original affiliate links are long and look spammy. Users hesitate to click on such links. While link cloaking creates short links with your domain that look beautiful and original. Users click on such links without fear of spam; hence, you get more clicks.

Link Cloaking Helps to Target Selected Audience

This is the most important of all benefits of link cloaking. Link cloaking helps you to keep a record of the users who mostly click on your links and purchase through your affiliate links. Using this record, you can throw your further cloaked affiliate links to your most potential customers and increase your profit.

Cloaked Affiliate Links are Green Signals for SEO Crawlers

Cloaked affiliate links are short, precise and with a proper address of your domain and the seller’s website, so it gives a green signal to the crawlers and helps you rank your affiliate link.

Provides the Best User Experience With Easy Management

Cloaked affiliate links are very easy to manage. For example, if you have written many articles for your affiliate product and added your affiliate links in all articles. Now, you want to change the affiliate link. Will it be possible for you to change affiliate links in articles? Definitely No. It’s s difficult and time taking task. Here Link cloaking helps you to save your time. You just have to update your affiliate link in a plugin.

E-mail Marketing and Cloaked Links

When you use Affiliate links in your Newsletter, they are detected as spam and go to the spam folder. This affects your email marketing campaign. Here again, cloaking links comes to rescue you. Because of their short appearance and useful website names make them accurate.

Link Cloaking and Banned Products

Link cloaking is used for the advertisement of banned products. If you run a website for a banned product shopping, e.g. healthcare pills, you can not advertise it to the users by original links. This is the primary benefit of link cloaking. You can redirect the users to the banned product website through a cloaking link.

Secure Your Sensitive Information by Link Cloaking

Cloaking links helps secure sensitive websites and information from hackers, e.g. many national sites have confidential data that hackers can quickly attack. But cloaking links help to filter unwanted users and prevent data from hackers.

How to Create Cloaking Links

  • If you are using wordpress, many plugins are available by which you can easily create cloaking links.
  • Coding is another way to create cloaking links. Different cloakers use two types of codes. One for the bots and the other one for the users.

The most authentic and beneficial way to create cloaking links is to hire a cloaking agency.

When you talk about a cloaking agency which would be better than “cloaking Ads.”

Who has served many customers around the globe with their cloaking services?


The benefits of link cloaking are a vast topic. We just tried our best to convey these benefits to you in easy words. But creating cloaking links and getting these benefits are very difficult to achieve without the proper planning of a cloaking strategist. So, if you want to upgrade your affiliate marketing business with more sales, need a secure site from hackers, and cloaking links for advertisement purposes of banned products, then you should contact “Cloaking Ads”.

Please book your slot for a meeting with our experts so that we can guide you further about packages and more details.

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