How to Run Affiliate link ads for amazon, AliExpress and ClickBank

How to Run Affiliate link ads for amazon, AliExpress and ClickBank

this image shows how you can run affiliate link ads for amazon, ali express & clickbank


Paid Ads Affiliate Marketing

Paid ads affiliate marketing is a potent strategy for boosting online income. It leverages advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to promote products or services and earn commissions for driving sales or leads. This approach taps into vast reach and targeting capabilities. Mastering keyword research, ad copywriting, and audience targeting is crucial for success in paid ads affiliate marketing.

Paid ads affiliate marketing uses platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to promote products, earning commissions for sales or leads. It’s a valuable way to make money online, but you need to be good at keywords, ad writing, and targeting. Businesses like it, so it’s essential to keep improving your skills to stay competitive and succeed in this digital marketing world.

Earning Through Affiliate Links 


Earning through affiliate links has become a trendy topic. It is a method that allows you to spend some time creating affiliate link ads, and then you can make money at any time with a click from a user. Many websites offer commissions on affiliate links, e.g., Aliexpress, Amazon, and Clickbank. These websites got people’s attention for making money after the covid situation; when every business was shut down, these online markets were open and provided people with a source of income.

Making money through affiliate links campaigns takes time and hard work. You can run your ads on Facebook and Google to increase your reach, but there are some rules and tricks to get more audience on your affiliate links. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Run Affiliate Link Ads On Facebook

Meta business suite is an advertisement platform from Facebook. You can run ads for affiliate links to grab the audience, but keep specific conditions to increase your clicks and commission in mind.

Establish your Page For Affiliate Paid Ads

First, establish your page with a unique name and run your affiliate link campaign through your page’s meta business suite. It will give you the following benefits.

  • It will create a brand identity for you.
  • People will like your page, and you can promote your links in your posts and comments.
  • If a user purchases a product through your affiliate link, it will create a trusting relationship, and they will visit your page in the future and prefer to buy from your affiliate links.
  • It will build your audience.
  • You can also create a Facebook group. Groups are more easiest ways to communicate with your customers.

Create Engaging Posts through Images and Videos

Create posts with catchy images and videos. You can make a video of a product review or an image of different product parts. Write a catchy caption and upload images and videos. It was concluded through research that attractive images and videos in news feeds grab the user’s attention, and they will click on the link to learn more details.

Keyword Placement

Keywords are the backbone of your affiliate link campaigns. If you have yet to add proper keywords to your posts and ad campaigns, it is useless and wastes your budget without giving you any commission. So, always do proper research on keywords before starting a campaign so that you can target the right audience.

Affiliate Link Ads On Google

Google provides you with more required results than Facebook for affiliate links. It has more users, and targeting is more manageable on Google Ads. Following is the procedure to run affiliate links on Google.

  • Create your account on the Google Ads network.
  • Choose the type of campaign you want to run. The most suitable offer to run an affiliate campaign is a Search campaign.
  • Select bidding style. We recommend you go for the Clicks bidding.
  • The next step is to set a range for your audience. You can select different parameters, e.g., gender, age, history, etc.
  • Add the different keywords. This is the essential step to get more clicks. So spend more time on this step and add final keywords after research. You can use different tools for keyword searches.
  • Set up the budget and add your affiliate links and run your campaign.

Advantages of Run Affiliate link Paid Ads Campaign on Google and Facebook

Facebook and Google are both main social media platforms with several users. They can increase your commission up to the mark by running accurate campaigns. The following is the advantage for affiliate marketers of Facebook and Google campaigns.

Narrow Target Audience

You can narrow down your audience by specific parameters. This will help you to reach the most potential customers.

Performance Tools

Meta Pixels in Facebook and different Google Adsense tools are available to check the performance of your ads. If the ad is not performing according to your expectation, you can change the parameters or stop the campaign.

Create Your Identity

Running campaigns on Google and Facebook from your official accounts helps create your brand identity. After a good experience through your affiliate link, people start recognizing your name and prefer you to purchase from the seller through an affiliate link.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Link Ads on Facebook And Google

Account Ban

Promoting any suspicious or wrong product with bad reviews can ban your account. So, always choose the registered e-commerce store websites, e.g., Amazon, Aliexpress, and ClickBank, to secure your account and get more commission.

Commission Stealing

Affiliate links are not secure. So hackers can quickly attack them to steal your commission. For this, you can choose link cloaking services.

Some Tips to Run Affiliate Link Ads

  • Always run Ads by your official accounts, e.g., Facebook page. Google account etc.
  • Run affiliate link campaigns only for authentic vendors that sell quality goods, e.g., Amazon and Aliexpress. It will develop a trustworthy relationship and have fewer chances of commissioning spam.
  • Affiliate links are long and tidy, so we advise you to hire a professional cloaker to create short and neat links with your domain name. It has more chances to get more clicks.

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