Cloaking Tiktok Ads | Get Instant Approval For Restricted business

Cloaking Tiktok Ads | Get Instant Approval For Restricted business

tiktok cloaking ads

Choose The best Cloaker for your Restricted Ads

Building a startup or looking for an Ad campaign to grow your existing business, TikTok is the best platform to advertise your products.2022 was a tremendous year for TikTok. They evolved their policy for advertisement and gave the idea, “Do not make Ads, make TikTok.”

It worked, and now Tiktok has become a rival for all big social media platforms, e.g., Google, Facebook, Youtube, Etc.

Like all other social media platforms, TikTok also has some advertisement rules. For example, any banned business, e.g., pharmaceutical companies, healthcare departments, government services, and Forex companies, can not run their Ad on TikTok.

TikTok is a mainstream social media platform with an average user time of 55 minutes. So, you must include TikTok in your Ad campaign. However, if you are doing business about a product that is in the TikTok Ad policy’s banned list, then there is no need to worry. ” Cloaking Ads” is here for you. When there is a will, there’s a way. And, that way is Cloaking.

Let’s have a brief detail of Cloaking.

What Is Cloaking TikTok Ads ?

TikTok Cloaking is an approach to escape from the scanning of TikTok bots. It is very beneficial for both small and big brands to elevate their sales. Cloaking on TikTok is a planned procedure to set an Ad with an image, still video link, or clickable link that lands the user on your product’s link page. The time the user spends on the product landing page helps to filter the audience that shows interest in your product. This helps to increase the conversions of companies and products.

As TikTok users are more than the users of any other big platform (Google, Facebook, Youtube), every business owner wants to run their Ads on TikTok. But some controversial products and services advertisements are banned on TikTok. However, being controversial does not mean that these services are not beneficial for anyone. So, without giving rise to any controversy, advertising your services and products to the people who want them is Cloaking.

Why Cloaking TikTok Ads ?

Nobody can deny the power of TikTok advertisements. It is estimated that last year Tiktok users spent 2.3 billion dollars, making TikTok stand in the number one position in consumer spending. Moreover, this consumer spending is increasing day by day.

It is the largest app, with 46 percent of users above age 30 and 18 percent of total internet users above 18 years of age. Such a large number of users has made it the best advertising platform. So, it is necessary to include this in the Ad campaign of any product. Realizing the worth, Tiktok has modified its advertisement policies and recently introduced a format for “shopping Ads.”

But, the problem arises when you want to run a Forex Ad, healthcare Ad, government services Ad, or any branded product Ad that is against TikTok advertisement policy. Here Cloaking comes to rescue you.

Cloaking helps advertise different banned products to the right people, increasing the reach and conveying the brand’s message to those who only want to buy or know about that specific product.

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How Does The Cloaking TikTok Ads Campaign Work?

Cloakers set different URLs for users and crawlers. They form a link for crawlers that is known as a safe link, while another working link is for the users with the real information of the brand. This link is known as the money link.

We know that the TikTok community is vast, with millions of users, so it is necessary to filter the real users with more call-to-action intent. For this purpose, Cloakers use different techniques. When the user clicks on the advertisement or link, their data (location, history, IP, time zone, WebRTC, browser fingerprint) is saved in the system. These pieces of information help to show the advertisement link only to the genuine user’s next time. This way helps to save your money as well as enhance your conversions.

Cloaking is a very tricky process that can only work if handled by experts. Different companies are working in the market for Cloaking your Ads campaign. You can choose anyone according to your budget.


Successful Cloaking TikTok Ads

No doubt that Cloaking is the best way to advertise Forex, government, and health care services on TikTok. But correct targeting, use of tricky keywords, proper programming, coding, and understanding of TikTok algorithms is a must in your plan to run Ads through Cloaking. And all these things can be appropriately performed by a Cloaking expert. So, we advise you to choose a reliable registered Ad agency to run successful TikTok Cloaking Ads.


Choose “Ads Cloaking” For Cloaking TikTok Ads

Are you convinced enough and thinking of running TikTok Cloaking Ads for your healthcare, Forex trading, government services, or any other banned product?

The next step is to find an expert who can run your Ad campaign properly by using Cloaking techniques. Who else can better do this than the one who convinced you to run an Ad campaign through Cloaking? Yes, we are talking about “Ads Cloaking.”

We have the best team to run your TikTok Cloaking Ads. Using Cloaking for a good purpose is not a bad idea, and that is what we are doing. We have experts at “Cloaking Ads” that can perfectly design your TikTok Cloaking Ads campaign.

What are you thinking now? Just contact us to learn more about our Cloaking services.

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