What is Cloaking Ads? And how to get Ad Approval for Restricted Businesses?

what is cloaking

Ads Cloaking is a method used by media buyers to make sure that their restricted business URL and content is not being seen by auditors, ad reviewers and bots from Ad Companies of Social Media & Search Engines. This method is used to detect and filter Ad Company’s Reviewers & Bots and send them to a safe landing page (which is as per Ad Company’s Policies) and different from the restricted offer page. While all other end-users (Safe Ads Traffic) are sent to restricted offer page URL after clicking on ad’s link.

Facebook, Google, TikTok and other social media platforms have made it harder for marketers to run ads for different kinds of businesses that might be considered controversial. Businesses like Cryptocurrency, CBD, Medical Supplements, Government Services etc. have become near to impossible to get promoted on these platforms through paid ads. That is why our agency felt the need of such a system which can help publish ads for any restricted but ethical and legit business.

How Cloaking Ads Agency’s Platform works?

Our cloaking ads method is designed in such a way that it can detect almost every ad reviewer and bot with always updating global IPs database. We detect them based on their IP, browser information, operating system, locations and internet service provider they use and update their IPs in our global blacklisted database. You can have full controls over level of strictness of filters in this cloaking software. You can choose to select if you want to allow ads traffic to your restricted offer page based on their geographical area i.e. any city or country, based on their device, browser, OS, cookies, previous disallow history of any IP, time zone difference and much more…

Once all selected filters in our cloaking platform check on an IP, it decides if the user will land on safe content page or restricted offer page. All this happens just in few milliseconds. We do not recommend doing any kind of URL redirection as the ad companies can detect this act easily and restrict you straightaway. We prefer installing our HTML, iFraming or PHP codes inside your Safe Page where we perform these filter checks and we detect any bots and ad reviewers on this safe domain too.

Red Flags – Which alerts the review ad bots and manual reviewers

New Ad Account & Fresh Page or Advertiser’s Profile

All social media companies and search engines are giving very hard time to newly created ad accounts (10x more than an old credible ad account). For every new ad account, profile or page, they have a strict bot criterion and they do frequent manual checks. They also check if this new account is created by the same user which was previously suspended by detecting and matching IP, Bank Card, URL, Cookies etc.

It is quite inevitable to come again with new ad account without building any link to your previous suspension attributes. Or contact us, we take care of everything while creating and warming up ad accounts for you.

Usage of Disallowed Keywords in Ad Copy or Image

Use of red keywords like CBD, Alcohol, Investment, Religion etc. can alert the reviewers. Every ad platform is now able to read your images and videos and content written in them. So better be careful with your creatives even after the cloaking is done.

Highly engaging content

Another thing which alerts reviewers is if the content is being highly engaging for users. They immediately check it manually if the context and content of the ad is OK.

Spikes in click thru rate

If any ads are getting very high CTR than average, it is a big alarm for ad bots and reviewers to check entire creative and call to action link and their content once again.

Report Ad by Users

This one is very important for Social Media companies. If you get multiple reports on the ad, they usually take strict action and take down your ad account and sometime your profile is restricted too.

What Cloaking Ads Agency Offers?

If you want to run ads for a restricted business, you know it can be tricky. You need big testing budget, massive experience and you have to be prepared to bleed money and time.

At Cloaking Ads Agency, we specialize in creating cloaking pages with our 100% guaranteed cloaking software. We’re experts at running ads for the long haul. We know how to find winner creatives, audiences and scale conversions. Submit your requirements now and benefit from our experience running cloaking ads worth millions of dollars in all restricted business niches.

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